Monday, February 24, 2014

Art Blurb #1:

Purpose of Art Blurb: 
To post whatever art I produced and present it to people with meaning and motif.


There has always been constant remarks buzzing everywhere about the Chinese government and its oppressive rule. People have been really upset because of the lack of voice in China and how the government is misrepresenting its people. Its restrictions on freedom of speech and associations sparked a wide variety of protests and violent upheavals since the death of Mao Zedong. The most prominent protest is the Tianamen Square Massacre in 1989 which was ultimately put down by military force. Restrictions on freedom of speech and association alone were not the only problems that sparked dissidents. There were also problems such as corruption,  unpaid wages, human rights abuses, protests against one party-rule, censorship of news and many others are accounted into the results of vast disapproval from the majority of people in China. 

Not only China was under such problems, but Tunisia marked similar parallels to the oppressive rule in China too. In 2011, a man aged 26 set himself on fire in Tunisia in protest of the confiscation of his wares and the humiliation and harassment that was inflicted on him by an official. His name was Tarek al-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi. His extreme protest became a catalyst for the protests and riots throughout Tunisia followed by his “heroic” death. This ultimately led to the stepping down of the leading then-President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. This success became a world leading inspiration to many protestors, including China, which initiated a movement called the Jasmine movement named after the name “Jasmine Revolution” dubbed by the Western Media. (The actual name was called the “Sidi Bouzid Revolt”, derived from Sidi Bouzid, the city where the initial protests began.)

(;-;) Bouazizi you brave man

The Jasmine movement was initiated only by a few clicks on the keyboard. People communicated and plotted the movement through internet, specifically in an online forum called They did not have an appointed leader or whatsoever. People in China saw the success of the revolt and they desired for the same effects and saw it as an opportunity to initiate their very own “Jasmine Movement”. People gathered because they share the same belief and the belief is to bring down the corruption in the Chinese government. Since the Chinese government restricted protests and freedom of speech, they chose the quieter solution. They held a jasmine flower and stood in. The movement was a success, many people joined the movement and showed up. It didn’t last much longer when the government showed up and quickly dispersed the crowds. After the Jasmine Protests, the government took desperate measures to prevent any form of things or objects that would incite protests. They outlawed the sale of Jasmine flowers, canceled a festival reserved for the appreciation of Jasmine flowers, blocked the use of the word “Jasmine” on Sina Weibo, a Chinese social networking site and text messages. Such measures taken by the Chinese government were criticized by the media of “paranoid”. Not only did it reveal how ridiculous the government is, it also showed how extreme oppression was inflicted upon citizens. 

In this illustration work, I mean to create a satire piece regarding vintage propaganda posters in China around the1930s era. The whole purpose of a propaganda poster is to play a supporting role in many campaigns that were designed to mobilize people. In the 1930s, it was widely regarded as the ideal way to convey “model behaviour”. Through this work, I wanted to produce a propaganda poster of how the government wants the Chinese people to behave. I would like to think this as a candid version of propaganda posters. The poster that shows an ugly truth under such empowerment and messages brought through propaganda posters. I think it would be really interesting to use propaganda posters because they all seem to be designed in a really positive attitude. I also find it funny because it mirage audiences with fake plastered smiles with perfect teeth and determined eyes gazing into the future. I thought maybe if I did the exact opposite, it would be a pretty interesting parallel to propaganda posters back then. Obviously, this piece is meant to satirize the Chinese government. 

*P.S. This illustration style was inspired by Mark Ryden. Check him out dudeee!!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Music Placebo:
The "Void" 

To treat congestive brain failure, particularly the cerebral cortex. It is also used when in need of a gradual and subtle emotional uplift or as a mood regulation.


Side Effects:
- Sad thoughts
- Sleepiness

Special Instructions:
1) Get your ass off
2) Wear some cute ass clothes
3) Feel cute
4) Open the god damn door
5) Take a nice, quiet stroll through your neighborhood and have a lovely day

For Best Results:
Best taken during chilly afternoons and quiet walks.

Perks of being Sam #2:

Break ends. School starts. We cry.

ummmm yep that's exactly what I'm feeling right now to be's ok i guess i still have my music to get through the day ha. Looking back at what i've done over the break, i've realized the only thing i've ever accomplished was going on facebook 

Like i could've done so much more. Go hike, create a painting, make artworks, socialize, blog more. Shit, the lists goes endless, but nooooo 

i decided to sit on my ass and watch Beavis and Butthead( It's a great show but watching all 7 seasons straight is almost the lowest of low. )

Ahahah just ranting, but it's just so weird and funny how we don't realize what we've been missing out till it's taken our life.


I hate you all.

You can all eat my shorts.

^For those who are confused, it's a Breakfast Club reference:) You're not welcome.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Outfit of the Day:

So here's another really short post. I'm running realllyy short on time!! so sorry!!

ughhhh the quality and editing is shit here i'm so sorry dude I literally don't have time omfg (✖╭╮✖) 

I'm so sorry if I disappointed you guys ahahha 

1) I haven't done an OOTD for such a looong time 

2) I haven't blogged/ get anything done since the age of dinsosaurs

3) My sister wasn't eager to take nice photos for me

I promise I'll do better next time!!

Black furcoat: Topshop 
Fancy 70s sleazeshirt: Retrostone 
Feather necklace: no idea where ahahahah
Leather pants: Zara 
Metal plated shoe: Staccato 
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Designs I've done for my High School Fashion Show

Sometimes when I feel really inspired and/or motivated (which is rarely, because I'm a lazy sloth) I'd come up with designs but rarely do I ever get them done, so here are 2 designs so far ☆ (︶ω︶) 

Design #1

I remember the doorknobs were an ass to make because they're incredibly annoying to make them stick together with the pin 
o(-`д´- 。) ~ but i ended up using a fabric sticker which is even shittier, oh well. 

ahahahah that's the only one where I actually bothered to take nice photos of.
Anyways, the sleeves were a total bitch to sew on because the sleeves were supposed to be fabricated with flowers and such I had to sew every single one of them (✖╭╮✖) 

honestly thinking about those sleeves make my hands ache....omfg

Design #2

And this is the one that I don't really care much about to be honest I think I could've done sooo much better but oh well. It looks okay I guess. 

For those of you who think this looks familiar, it's probably because of Meadham Kirchhoff's influence in this set of design. I honestly their work is AMAZING, it's truly one of a kind, I was really excited when I saw the work being displayed in Topshop (yay for finally getting into the mainstream market!!)
but yeah here are some of the stuff that I found inspiration from :)

Well i guess my designs were a lot more moody and dark ahahaah

There's more to come!! I've already finished some of the designs for this year already so....stay tuned for those who actually follow my blog 
sadly, I doubt there's any xD

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Perks of being Sam #1:
Absence of Relationships

So my friend messaged me on facebook the other night and turns out she wanted to consult me on a relationship advice...

I mean it could've been anything, like from fashion to movies and music, out of all odds, she decides to ask me about relationships. She expects a legit, formulated answer regarding a concept so vague to me that i've only encountered through chick-flicks. 



So this really got me thinking...
HOw tO reLATionshIP?
Coming from a 16 y/o chick whose life revolves around her laptop, this is what i can tell you...

Hey man, what did you expect?
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When The Sun Goes Down

oh how i wish i knew it better...
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